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Growth Fund Capital uses our extensive collective experience in owning and scaling businesses, along with our long-standing Bank/Lending partnerships (with Bank and Non-Bank Preferred Lender Provider SBA Institutions, and Asset Based Lenders). 

Because of this we know what our clients are eligible for and why. Our perspective is specific to what your firm can achieve with our help. Prior payment challenges with other funders are of less concern to our Underwriters. We care more about where you’re going– and how we can help you receive the right capital for your growing company.

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Bridge Capital

Whether your firm is waiting on filing your next Corporate Tax return (to demonstrate strong earnings), need time for your personal FICO score to improve or anticipate on signing that big contract- Bridge Working Capital can provide liquidity for that finite period and help you secure the long-term financing you need.

Business Line of Credit (BLOC)

If your firm has taken on a new client that can change your business- but if you need assistance with the cash crunch associated with holding commercial accounts receivables, our BLOC can be the ideal solution to guide your firm to reach critical mass.

Business Debt Consolidation

If your firm is otherwise profitable- but drowning in daily ACH debt, we can provide relief once we understand your business and its ability to thrive once the burden is diminished for a specific period (typically 3-6 months).

Streamlined Term Loans

while the business borrowing process can often be a daunting task of gathering and submitting data, our Algorithmic Term Loan Underwriting is based on credit, debt and cash flow and can be approved in less than 3 business days.

Is your Business experiencing growing pains?

Do you need Capital to facilitate your ever-expanding market share?

Growth Fund Capital understands the reasons why businesses are often not eligible for funding. Prior losses on tax returns, excessive interest cost related to being undercapitalized, and even personal credit challenges can inhibit your otherwise strong business from getting the right funds right now.

Other Business Lenders/Funders deploy Capital with specific guidelines and restrictions. These guidelines suggest that your businesses funding needs fall into their credit ‘box.’ Essentially a one size fits all approach. Since all Businesses are unique, Growth Fund Capital’s Underwriting decisions are based on your firm’s potential to secure the right long-term financing. Once we understand your business, and why Capital will help you secure long-term financing, we tailor our credit solutions to put you in the best position to succeed.

Given our Global approach, our initial document request is greater than simply requesting bank statements and an application. Once pre-qualified, sending the requested due diligence information expeditiously will enable us to make credit decisions swiftly (typically within 3 business days).

Customers Testimonial
What Our Clients Say

I had applied for SBA but the funds were due to come in after 06 months and I needed them yesterday! Thankfully, I came across GFC and their team

Manuel J. Madrid

GFC is the reason my business is booming. When I had no way to go, GFC helped me arrange funds for my business to keep it going. I couldn't have done this without them.

Merle M. Bullock

The team at GFC is simply amazing! Not only are responsive and fast but the key is how well they understand your business and its needs.

Troy N. Holmes

When you’re stuck and you have nowhere to go and all day you are getting calls from brokers trying to steer you into expensive loans that’s when GFC comes to the rescue.

Antonio M. Schwartz

Great team, great diligence and greatly skillful. Hands down to Growth Fund Capital for being my guardian angel at the time when my business had been suffering

Terry L. Pugh

Broker / ISO referrals

Simply put... No one can do what we do for your clients. 

Our Underwriting approach goes beyond standard working capital principles. As we dig deeper into Financials, we can often see beyond prior MCA defaults, multiple positions, and certain industry types. This allows our Broker  / ISO Referral Partners to assist clients previously thought to be unplaceable.

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